Coming Home Fund

The purpose of the Coming Home Fund is to provide financial support to criminalized survivors of domestic/interpersonal violence who are women, trans men, and/or gender nonconforming people of color and who are coming back to their communities after being incarcerated or after their case was adjudicated.This project was developed after several of the incarcerated survivors we supported successfully advocated for release and faced economic and structural barriers to finding safe, affordable housing and reliable employment as they re-established themselves in communities. Survivors of domestic violence who are recently released from prison or jails are at high risk in multiple ways. Ensuring support to returning survivors through this fund will help to cover the costs of housing and other urgent necessities. 

The Coming Home Fund is a direct intervention on re-entry programs that require criminalized survivors to submit to surveillance. By asking for proof that survivors have material needs and demanding that they are financially needy, re-entry programs make coming back into the community difficult, if not impossible. For survivors of violence to begin healing processes they must feel safe in living situations they control with access to resources to enable healing. They must be supported in finding spaces that are homes, rather than mere residences, where they can determine what safety looks like for them. We provide the material and emotional resources our people need to rebuild their lives in ways they deem fit, including but not limited to funds for therapy, broadly-defined skill-building classes (academic, job training, technical, etc), phones, and furniture for their homes.