Tewkunzi Green

(Drawing by Tewkunzi Green, Displayed at 2017 No Perfect Victim Network Gathering)

Tewkunzi Green is a Black mother from Peoria, Illinois. In 2007, she was attacked by her child’s father, who backed her up against the kitchen sink and choked her, while she held their infant son. Fearful she would faint and drop her son, Tewkunzi harmed her child’s father in an act of self-defense which later resulted in his death. At trial, she argued that she acted in self-defense but was found guilty and sentenced to 34 years.

(Portrait of Tewkunzi by Paul Callahan)

Tewkunzi welcomes letters of support!  You can send one or many to:

#R84568 (8-C-10)
PO BOX 1000
To better ensure your letter of support reaches Tewkunzi, please adhere to the following guidelines:
-provide a return address with name on your envelope
-no stickers or glitter